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Super Fast Python
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Learn Python Concurrency Correctly
(systematically and step-by-step)

This bundle contains all current Super Fast Python digital products.

Warning: This bundle is only for Python developers that are serious about learning concurrency.

This bundle includes:

  • 7 Cheat Sheets
  • 6 Jump-Start Books
  • 3 Interview Questions Books
  • 4 Mind Maps
  • 1 Guide

Let's take a closer look at what you will get.

You Get 7 Cheat Sheets

They are:

  1. Python Threading Cheat Sheet
  2. Python ThreadPool Cheat Sheet
  3. Python ThreadPoolExecutor Cheat Sheet
  4. Python Multiprocessing Cheat Sheet
  5. Python Multiprocessing Pool Cheat Sheet
  6. Python ProcessPoolExecutor Cheat Sheet
  7. Python AsyncIO Cheat Sheet

You Get 6 Jump Start Ebooks

They are:

  1. Python Threading Jump-Start
  2. Python ThreadPool Jump-Start
  3. Python ThreadPoolExecutor Jump-Start
  4. Python Multiprocessing Jump-Start
  5. Python Multiprocessing Jump-Start Sheet
  6. Python ProcessPoolExecutor Jump-Start

You Get 3 Interview Questions Ebooks

They are:

  1. Python Threading Interview Questions
  2. Python ThreadPool Interview Questions
  3. Python Concurrent Futures Interview Questions

You Get 4 Mind Maps

They are:

  1. threading module Mind Map
  2. multiprocessing module Mind Map
  3. concurrent.futures module Mind Map
  4. asyncio module Mind Map

You Get 1 Guide

  1. Parallel Loops in Python

You Get All Source Code

Each book comes with all of the Python source code (.py) files used within the book.

You Get Free Updates

The books may be updated to correct typos or to reflect changes to the APIs.

You get all future updates to the books in your bundle for free.

Note: New books may be released in the future, but they will not be included in your bundle. Instead, they will have to be purchased separately.

My Story: Who Is Jason Brownlee?

(from Python ML engineer to Python concurrency expert and evangelist)

Hi, I'm Jason Brownlee, Ph.D.

I'm a Python developer, husband, and father to two boys.

(a photo of me in the backyard, taken by my wife)

I want to share something with you.

I am obsessed with Python concurrency, but I wasn't always this way.

My background is in Artificial Intelligence and I have a few fancy degrees and past job titles to prove it.

You can see my LinkedIn profile here:

So what?

Well, AI and machine learning has been hot for the last decade and I have spent that time as a Python machine learning developer:

  • ... working on a range of predictive modeling projects.
  • ... writing more than 1,000+ tutorials.
  • ... and authoring over 20+ books.

There's one thing about machine learning in Python, your code must be fast.

Really fast.

Modeling code is already generally fast, built on top of C and Fortran code libraries.

But you know how it is on real projects...

You always have to glue bits together, wrap the fast code and run it many times, and so on.

Making code run fast requires Python concurrency and I have spent most of the last decade using all the different types of Python concurrency available.

Including threading, multiprocessing, asyncio, and the suite of popular libraries.

I know my way around Python concurrency and I am deeply frustrated at the bad wrap it has.

This is why I started SuperFastPython.com where I share hundreds of free tutorials on Python concurrency.

And this is why I wrote all these books...

What Formats Are the Ebooks?
(pdf and epub)

Each ebook is provided in a separate .zip file that includes the ebook files and all code files.

Each ebook is provided in 2 formats, they are:

  • PDF (.pdf): perfect for reading on the screen or tablet.
  • EPub (.epub): perfect for reading on a tablet with a Kindle or iBooks app.

What Version of Python is Used?

All code examples use Python 3.

Python 3.9+ to be exact.

Python 2.7 is not supported because it reached end of life in 2020.

Can I Print The Books?


Although, I think it's better to work through the books on the screen.

  • You can search, skip, and jump around really fast.
  • You can copy and paste code examples.
  • You can compare code output directly.

Is There Digital Rights Management (DRM)?


Happiness Guarantee

I want you to be happy, and I stand behind my materials.

If you decide that Python concurrency is not for you, or whatever reason, I'll understand.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Get in touch at:

How do the Jump-Start Books Compare to the Guides?

The SuperFastPython Jump-Start books are laser-focused on making you productive with a Python concurrency module or class as fast as possible.

This means that many broader topics are not covered because they are not on the critical path.

The guides on SuperFastPython.com are broader in scope and compare the class or module to related modules, describing best practices, common errors, common usage questions, and common objects.

This material may be interesting but is a distraction when you are focused on getting productive as fast as possible.

Another important difference is that the jump-start books are provided in book form, whereas the guides are very long web pages.

This makes the books easy to read on a kindle, tablet, or paperback, as well as the screen, whereas the guides must be read in the browser.

Any Questions?

Contact me directly, any time about this bundle or Python concurrency generally.

I'm here to help as best I can.

You can send an email directly to my inbox via:

Praise for Super Fast Python

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop reading outdated StackOverflow answers.

Learn Python concurrency correctly, step-by-step.

Start today.

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7 cheat sheets, 6 jump-start ebooks, 3 interview questions ebooks, 4 mind maps, 1 guide. Valued at $70.

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