Python Multiprocessing Interview Questions

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Python Multiprocessing Interview Questions

Answers To 180+ Interview Questions On Python Multiprocessing

How well do you know Python multiprocessing?

The multiprocessing module provides process-based concurrency in Python and few developers know about it, let alone, how to use it well.

The main reason is that it is widely thought that Python does not fully support concurrency.

This is false.

In fact, processes provide the best path to full parallelism in Python for CPU-bound tasks.

  • Do you know how to start a new process?
  • Do you know how to use mutex locks with Python processes?
  • Do you know how to use a manager or a pool?

Discover 180+ interview questions on Python multiprocessing.

  • Study the questions and answers and improve your skills.
  • Test yourself to see what you really know, and what you don't.
  • Select questions to interview developers on a new role.

What topics are covered?

The questions are divided into 25 major topics, they are:

  1. Threads vs Processes
  2. Blocking Calls
  3. Main Process
  4. Process Utilities
  5. Contexts and Start Methods
  6. Starting Processes
  7. Running Processes
  8. Daemon Processes
  9. Process Names
  10. Inter-process Communication
  11. Shared ctypes
  12. Pipes
  13. Queues
  14. Mutex Locks
  15. Process Failure Modes
  16. Condition Variables
  17. Semaphores
  18. Events
  19. Barriers
  20. Managers
  21. Process Pools
  22. Asynchronous Tasks
  23. Dummy Module
  24. Best Practices
  25. Advanced

Prepare for an interview or test your Python multiprocessing skills today.

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Python Multiprocessing Interview Questions

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